I forget...?

I forgot how many entries we are supposed to have so I'm just writing a couple of extra one's just to make sure cause you're better safe than sorry. I guess when my friends call me an over-achiever I shouldnt get too mad because in a way its kind of true...I'm in such a rush writing these entries and getting my books together for school so I can complete my homework for the day....and now its time to get my notebook together so it can be perfect for Dr. AC.


I am currently waiting for my friend to get her lazy butt up and pick me up so we can go to school. I dont even have school today and I am going to school! such an amazing student I am. While I am at school I plan to have all of my online math homeworks and labs completed and my binder for English ready to go and get turned in tomorrow. I hopefully wont be at school till 8 like I have every other Wednesday and Monday. I also consider myself a very dedicated student because I quit my job for finals just so I would be 100% focused on school. I dont like how a lot of my friends dont take school seriously. I hate being around ignorant people, it makes me feel dumb myself. I am taking complete advantage of going to school because it determines my future, and I was to have a future full of success and fullfill my goal of being a big time director in the film business.... Summer will be great because I am planning on writing a screen play and getting it finished before school starts again in August. I dont want to say what my film will be about but I already have a title in mind....Inc. I know youre probably like what is this title....but just wait for it to come out in theatres in about eh....four or five years, my friends mom writes as well and is helping me get it revied and fixed so it can be a legit screen play.


This would be one of my last entries ever on livejournal. I am in the process of getting these entries and comments done today because I have to start working on my binder and getting it ready to turn in tomorrow in class. I am worrried about my grade, but I know I have tried my hardest and done everyone one of my papers to my best ability. So hopefully effort counts? And then there are my quizzes, I have a majority of them in but I missed a whole weeks worth because I had to go take care of my brother. I hope my grade isn't going to be too jeapordized because of the two classes I missed. I'm not sure what else to type in here anymore but I still am bored!


It kind of makes me sad to know that being in class with Dr. AC is almost over. I actually enjoyed comp 2 a lot more than I thought I would because of Dr. AC eve though I thought it was much harder than comp 1. Maybe I will take a class with her during maymester but I just don't know if I will be here cause I am really really busy over summer. I was planning on taking a 4 week class in Florence, but I decided I will save my studying abroad for when I am out of a 4 year university. My friends tell me I am crazy for not going to a university next year, but really I am just smarter than all of them because of me decision to go to a community college for my first two years. Who knows where I will go after next year at quad c, maybe New York?

where's my binder??

So I am on a hunt for my binder that is missing in English. My notebook is my grade and I really need to find that little sucker immediately. I am going to go look in my trunk and in my room and at my friends houses and everywhere....before I start to freak out. I am looking also for all of my quizzes. Why does everything have to be so annoying!!!? I dont know what else to say anymore.

I come to school on days I don't have school!

So yesterday I decided to be a good student and spend a total of seven hours at school. I did not have class yesterday...but I wanted to get ahead. I did my research for my research paper yesterday since we all know I hate using other peoples words and work to support my paper, I hated doing the research. Then I got ahead on all of my math homework that I was missing. I am planning on getting the rest of my math done today.

What do do, what to do?

I can't figure out which class I want to take during maymester. Maybe public speech? Maybe government? I just don't know. I want to take a class with Dr. AC because I am used to her voice this early in the morning and I do not want to take the risk of getting a teacher with an annoying voice because this early in the morning is just too early. I am not a morning person, why I chose an 8:30 class...I cannot tell you. I wanted to get my classes over with as early as possible so that I have the entire day to myself....but I dont have anything to do during the day or night in this boring place anyway.


I am sitting in class...bored. I know its a rude thing to say, but I've read Oedipus like so many times that I can't stand to listen to it anymore. I had to do the play in my theatre class and we rehearsed that play many many times. Don't get my wrong I do love the play, its just an annoying play to discuss because we had to analyze it so much in my theatre class. Ahh, I cannot wait to leave this school. I have to do maymester this summer which is a pain but its better than doing summer school, I hate summer school.


I forget the name of the movie we are going to watch but apparently its a good one. We have to use this movie to write the long essay on our final exam. Hopefully I will watch this movie all the way through and understand it completely. I want to make a good grade on my exam so that I can have a good grade in my class. I like watching movies in class because it makes me feel like I am doing something that I am not supposed to do. I guess thats not such a good thing after all.

everything is close to coming to an end

I am excited for next Tuesday to pass because that will be when my writers notebook and livejournal entries are due and I won't have to do them anymore!!!I can't wait to walk out of this school after this semester is over knowing that I tried my hardest in all of my classes. I get scared that I won't get the grade I deserve because my work is not A work all the time, but its A work to me because I try my hardest. Hopefully I cant maintaine the 3.25 GPA I have and hopefully the grades I recieve this semester will not effect my GPA in a negative way.